Sunday, September 09, 2007

Britney Spears : Rehearses for the VMA's on Friday

In the weeks leading up to Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, blogs whipped themselves into a frothy frenzy with rumors that Britney Spears would be making her triumphant return at the big show.

The slow and steady build kicked off with murmurs of magician Criss Angel's mysterious involvement and shady "quotes" taken from even shadier inside sources, then went into hyperdrive when Brit's performance was confirmed Thursday (see "Britney Spears To Open 2007 MTV Video Music Awards: It's Official!") and she actually showed up in Las Vegas on Friday, ready to rehearse (and take a spin in Angel's Lamborghini, apparently).

But that constantly building buzz didn't hit its absolute zenith until Friday afternoon, when Brit single-handedly shut down the Palms Casino Resort to actually rehearse her performance, an event that brought the paparazzi out in droves, had the Las Vegas police patrolling the casino floor and warranted flagrantly misspelled signs (see "Exclusive: Inside Britney Spears' VMA Rehearsal") to keep potential spies out.

Of course, the lucky few who possessed the necessary clearance to make it through security witnessed a supercharged, super-sexy Brit hungry to silence her many detractors and reclaim her spot atop the pop mountain (see "Britney Spears' New Single Gets Club-Tested In Vegas"). But just what did her rehearsal look like? Well, we're about to show you ... it's an exclusive so big, you can't see it anywhere else: footage of Spears working her way through the routine for "Gimme More."

And really, there's nothing more to say ... like she exclaims herself in the song, "It's Britney, bitch."

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